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Services Available:

  • Head/Body Swaps

  • Clean Area Surrounding Subject

  • Hair Fixing

  • Blemish Removal

  • Please Ask About Specific Services if Not Listed

If you are interested in retouching services please send me an image with an example of what work you would like done. Each project starts at $5 per image. Prices may vary based on gallery size or amount of work done to each photo. Large galleries will be quoted depending on the number of images and amount of work. Below are photos I have taken and edited for my own work.


The Process:

  • For a quote please use my Contact Me tab and fill out the forum

  • Photos can be delivered to me through DropBox or Google Drive. Photos will be returned in the same manner.

  • I will email you a sample of the work to ensure we are on the same page of the product. Turn around time may vary based on the size of the gallery and will be discussed on per client basis. 

* The images you submit must be your own photographs (you must own the copyright) or you must have written permission with a signature from the original photographer. Editing other's images is against copyright laws.

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